Eager Parents Attempt To Donate Their Kids

Here are some comments that were filled out on the donate form on kids4kars.org :


capernicusss My son Mason loves coloring Ninja Turtles, eating Cheerios and picking his nose…O and he‘s trained in the deadly art of Mandarian Chinese Kung-Fu and he has ADHD…good luck
Tina wants a personal ATM machine!
Jason Her ability to stay up all night long!
Alex Has a tendency to inhale his food and 5 minutes later complains that he is hungry.  Bottomless pit will help keep garbage waste levels down
Jack He is nuts
Beelzebub Her voice–really shakes up your spinal cord.
Matt Awesome.
Rameses He has a lot to say all the time and does his part tearing up the place as his mom cleans right behind them. He is number 1!
mike My kid sits on his butt all day and just lets them all rip
Julia My daughter has her moments of awesomeness, but basically I just need to sleep and work and not have someone follow me around the house all day, so I‘m just donating her for someone else to enjoy. She still has a ton of mileage left.
Joel He is a wonderful little boy!
Jeremiah He is a good cook
Lazarus Wears a mask and flies through the air to defeat villainous types.  All while thinking im sleeping.  How can I sleep knowing my child is a vigilante?!?
Take Take him away ASAP. Please even tho its an april fools day prank.
Andrew He is too smart for his own good…we love him, but why am I always wrong?!?!
Chris Omg, I love this charity!
Maya Never eats what Mom cooks
Emily She bites like hell. Will not stop. She bites me, kids on the playground. I spank her, talk to her, nothing works. She also likes to poop in random places. Last week she pooped in Kmart… IN KMART. Please. Save. Me.
Dovid *He is all yours now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christian Likes to climb tables and beats up cats
Merak Super dooper weird
Kate My kid is so incredibly non-special that she transcends normality and becomes incredibly, uniquely boring.
Bobby He eats his own toenails.
Joshua My kid can make anyone laugh.
Saumya Jain Most jailtime in respect to age
Nannie My kid can eat their boogers.
James So dum I want him out

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Thank goodness for Spring. Without it, we’d never have an excuse to get our homes really clean. Besides, after those winter months, let’s face it, our homes could use a good airing out.

So throw open those windows and let in the fresh air. Breathe in deep and get your mind in gear to take in these ten spring cleaning tips. We’ve gathered them just for you, our Kars4Kids friends.

1) Let Gravity Be Your Guide

Always clean from top to bottom. It doesn’t make much sense to clean the floor and then dust the furniture, now does it? The dust will, um, fall down. And then you’ll have to clean the floor again. Not smart. So think of gravity and always start from the top of the room and work your way down.

Cleaningsafety2) Wear A Mask

Do you feel ill after cleaning? Dust is an irritant, not to mention mold spores that might get kicked up and dispersed into the air while you clean. And of course, cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals. So if you tend to get red-eyed and itchy or show other signs of irritation while cleaning, this time be smart and pick up a box of disposable masks at your local hardware store before you start your spring-cleaning. Wear the masks to protect your airways while cleaning. Your airways will thank you.

3) Wear Gloves

Just as you want to protect your airways, you’ll want to protect your hands as you clean. Gloves are the way to go. You may want to experiment to see which type of gloves is most comfortable for you. At Kars4Kids we’re nuts about surgical gloves. They’re close-fitting and don’t impede movement when one is scrub-a-dub-dubbing away. They’re inexpensive so when they snag or rip, just toss them and don a new pair. One caveat: if you’re allergic to latex, you’ll have to look for latex-free gloves.

CleaningMusic14)Put On Happy Snappy Music

Listening to upbeat music is the best way we know to get into the cleaning groove. Music offers a rhythm for your scrubbing and dusting and helps keep your spirits high. It makes what you’d normally consider to be drudgery, almost fun. Think of it as cleaning Zumba!

5) Don’t Neglect Ceilings And Walls

Take a broom, wrap an old t-shirt around the brush and sweep the ceiling. Turn the t-shirt around to get to the clean side and sweep the walls, switching to a clean t-shirt or rag as needed. You’d be surprised how much dirt collects on these surfaces, not to mention cobwebs. Best to do this job first, in line with letting gravity work for you.

6) Murphy’s Law Of Clutter

Throw stuff OUT. Here’s the deal: only once you get rid of things will you discover you NEED them. Until that time, you won’t. Need them, that is. It’s just Murphy’s Law of Clutter. So holding on to junk is pointless. Declutter. It’s less for you to clean.

shutterstock_1312227807) Vacuum Like A Pro

If you want to get area rugs cleaner than clean, turn them upside down and vacuum their undersides. Gravity makes everything fall. Dirt,  for instance. So rather than work against gravity, get your vacuum in where the dirt is located, underneath those rugs, then flip them over and go over them once more. You’ll see a huge difference. They’ll be fluffy and almost as brightly-colored as they were when new!

8) Magic Crystal Cleaner

Vases can be difficult to clean, especially when they are deep. Sediment can collect on the unreachable bottom, and dull the sparkle of the crystal. Get your crystal shiny by throwing in some frozen peas followed by clean cold water to cover and gently shake, swiveling the contents in a swirling motion. Pour out the contents and behold! Like new.

9) Effortlessly Shiny Silverware

Use science, not brawn, to get your silver shiny by creating a chemical reaction that removes tarnish. You’ll need an aluminum pan, a cup of baking soda, and boiling water. And oh, the silver of course. Put the pan in a sink or your bathtub, and then add the silverware. Sprinkle the baking soda over the silver items and then pour in boiling water to cover. The tarnish will disappear on its own. Then all you have to do is find a soft cloth and buff.  Shine without the work.

Rustycar10) Donate Your Car

You know.  That car. The one sitting in your yard—that rusting hulk of a clunker—the one your neighbors have complained about. Do you or your spouse imagine you’ll tinker with it on the weekends and make that motor purr? Lose that idea. It’s not going to happen. So you might as well call up Kars4Kids (you know the number right?) and donate that car today. You’ll make your neighbors, and some lucky children, very happy indeed.


Online Guidance Points for Nonprofit Staff

Nonprofit staff members can be a force for good, even in their off hours. But only if they know how to react to postings that reference the organization. Such postings may be positive and beneficial or they may be abusive and spiteful.

For example, a nonprofit staff member may be surfing her newsfeed when she sees a post that says, “I just donated my car to Kars4Kids. What a terrific, handy, and unique way to help a child.”

Now that’s a positive posting that should not be ignored. This represents a chance for the staff member to be an ambassador for good. But the staffer needs to know the proper way to respond. Rather than leave this sort of thing up to chance, the wise nonprofit manager issues guidelines to assist his nonprofit staff members.

In terms of the best way to present such guidelines, some nonprofit organizations simply disseminate such guidelines by staff email. Other nonprofits may prefer to tack up the guidelines near the water cooler to get the staff talking and pooling ideas on how to handle tricky online situations.

As to the guidelines themselves, here’s a sample draft you can use to craft your own nonprofit guidelines for social media posts that reference the organization.

1)      Did you come across a posting that references your organization? Are the content and tone of a positive nature?

        If Yes: Feel free to acknowledge the posting and to repost it to your own following.

2)      Is the posting some sort of spam with suspicious links?

        If Yes: Report the posting or send a message to the poster.

3)      Is the poster a troll bent on annoying people?

        If Yes: Don’t respond. Ignore. If it continues, report the troll to the administrators.

4)      Is the posting satirical, vengeful, or meant to ridicule?

        If Yes: Ignore the post. Don’t respond. If it goes on at length, report the poster.

5)      Does the posting contain erroneous info? Do you have the correct info?

        If Yes: Find a source to cite and use it to offer a polite, public correction.

6)      Is the poster a disgruntled donor or volunteer?

        If Yes: Apologize and do what you can to rectify the situation/obtain assistance. Find the right person to speak to without the organization who can take care of the problem.


A Super Bowl Reality

The Super Bowl frenzy in New York and New Jersey was palpable.  The #1 Offensive team, Denver Broncos led by the legendary Peyton Manning,  going up against the #1 Defense in the League, the Legion of Boom, the Seattle Seahawks.  New York was hosting Super Bowl boulevard and New Jersey was hosting the actual game in Met Life stadium.

It was the first time in Super Bowl history the big game was being played in an open dome stadium in a cold city.  In short, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone that was able to see the game live. Unfortunately tickets were going for close to $2,000 a pop and so many didn’t even dare to dream to be there, they would indeed need to wait until their next lifetime.  But then on the Thursday before Super Bowl Sunday, Kars4Kids began to give hope to so many…

Kars4Kids tweeted out:

The entry was quick and easy, plus the winner would be announced in less than 24 hours, so the agonizing wait would be bearable.  There were close to 2,000 entries in less than 24 hours and the excitement from the contestants was electrifying. Click on these comments below:

SB comments

All you had to do was tweet out:

And then on Friday, January 31st, 2014 @ 1:30pm came the moment of truth. And the lucky winner is:


A few thousand hearts sank but one soared as Jason T. from Virginia received an email that clinched his life.  After the initial shock was over, the lucky guy showed real class and character by deciding to take his girlfriend even though he was rooting for the Broncos and she was rooting for the Seahawks! No use that 6th sense always on the money!


The tickets were overnighted along with some Kars4Kids swag:

2014-01-31 11 57 4420140202_123518

The view from Section 148 / Row 21 was awesome:


Super Bowl Sunday rolled around and as kick off was getting closer the Kars4Kids marketing team were mobilizing to “dip in the dark” and capture an “Oreo” moment.  Check out the highlights below:

Kars4Kids Trolls @WfanAudio – Fun ensues

It all started with this tweet from a twitter account holder that is a master student of the legendary sportscaster Mike Francesa:

That started a slew of Tweets:

After some of his followers had some fun with it for a while, it was time for Kars4Kids  to answer the curious listener of our jingle with some fun of our own:

That kept the party going through the night as we proudly earned “Mongo” status:

and going and going…

Thank you @WFANAudio for the good laughs!

Free t-shirt for a… fan?

A few weeks ago Nate, a blogger for one of our favorite websites, randomly tweeted his thoughts about our (in)famous radio jingle:

We of course, are more than happy to oblige:

So we sent him this:



Of course he blogged about the Kars4Kids t-shirt. Too much fun as usual.

You can follow Nate on Twitter @BartoolNate

Temperature close to zero? We’ve got fun ideas for you!

Frigid weather has hit and schools across the country are closing their doors. But that doesn’t mean your kids can’t be learning today! Turn your house into a science lab with these ten awesome cold weather home science experiments.

It’s our firm belief that life’s best teachable moments occur outside the classroom. Here’s your chance to teach your kids that learning never ends! You don’t need anything fancy to do these experiments and we bet your kids will find them fun!



Image credit Bryan Hansel

Please use caution and common sense when trying this experiment and of course, never let children handle boiling water.

1. Make Your Own Snow Cloud Place a mug of water in the microwave for 2-3 mins and bring to a boil. Quickly (and carefully) take the boiling water outside and throw the water into the air. It will instantly transform into a snow cloud with little to no water ever reaching the ground.

2. Turn A Water Gun Into A Fog Machine As a variation of experiment #1, place the boiling water into a super-soaker-style water gun. Spraying the water into the outside freezing air will produce an impressive stream of fog.

3. Instantly Freeze A Bottle Of Water Get several unopened bottles of water. This must be ultra-filtered bottled water, cannot be tap water. Take them outside and let them chill to below freezing. This could take up to 3 hours depending on the outside temperature and the starting temperature of the water. Wait until the water has cooled below freezing, but not frozen. If the bottles are frozen, you waited too long. Gently pick up a bottle and smack it. The water in the bottle will instantly freeze before your eyes. Even though the water is below freezing, ice crystals need an impurity to form. The ultra-filtered water has none, until you introduce some small bubbles via the smack. If it does not work, give the bottles some more time and try again. This experiment never gets old.

4. Grow An Ice Sculpture Get an ice cube from your freezer and place it on a surface outside. Get one of the unfrozen unsmacked bottles from experiment #3. Very slowly and gently open the top being very careful not to start the freeing process. Now, slowly pour the water onto the ice cube and it will begin freezing into interesting shapes. The ice cube serves as a seed to start the freezing process.

5. Make Instant Slushies A slight variation on the water tricks. Take a small unopened bottle of a soft drink and shake it vigorously. Leave the bottle outside (again, depending on air temperature) until its below freezing, but not yet frozen. Then, carefully open the bottle and pour some into a shallow bowl. Drop in one or two ice chips and the drink will start to turn into a slushie. Again you will have to find just the right chilling time based on your local temperature.

6. Blow Some Frozen Bubbles Soap bubbles behave very differently when blown in sub-freezing temperatures. Blow some bubbles and watch them quickly freeze. They will pop like balloons littering the ground with their once spherical carcasses.

7. Hammer A Nail With A Banana Take a mushy over-ripe banana, and place it outdoors for a few hours. Now, amaze your kids with your new found fruit-based hammer and drive in some nails.

8. Make Self-inflating Balloons Blow up some ordinary balloons and take them outside for a few minutes. They will begin to collapse as they cool. Bring them back indoors and they will re-inflate to their previous size on their own.

9. Make Ice Globes Use your faucet to fill some balloons with water. Optionally, add a few drops of food coloring. Then place the balloons outside for a few hours. Once frozen, remove the balloons to reveal the ice globes inside.

10. Make Paper Towel Frisbees Use a dinner plate to trace out circles on some paper towels. Cut the paper towels into circles and dampen them with water. Flatten out the discs and attach them to a clothes hanger with a clothes pin or paper clips. Attach at the very edge so that most of towel is hanging freely. Hang vertically outside for 30-60 minutes.

Kars4Kids thanks internet technologist Dannie Gregoire for sharing these awesome ideas.

Send us those cool shots of your experiments!
Post pictures to Facebook and tag Kars4Kids car donation program, or post them on Twitter tag @Kars4Kids and use hashtag #FunInTheCold