Rude Awakening For A Repeat DUI Offender

The Blaze reported yesterday on a brilliant and elaborate prank with a very good purpose. Tom Mabe, a popular comedian and YouTube prankster pulled off the trick to try and scare a friend of his out of drinking and driving.

Tom has a friend who has been arrested five times for drinking and driving, so when he saw his friend passed out in his truck he knew it was time to send him a strong message.

Using an elaborate setup designed to look like a hospital room, they convinced him that he had been in an accident after drinking and driving and was just waking up from a 10 year coma.

This is how it went down:

Please. Pretty please. Don’t drink and drive. We don’t need your car that badly.

National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day believe it or not.

We tried very hard to resist our cat posting impulses, but to no avail.

Especially because you simply need to see this hilarious photo of our cat in our parking lot in our recently donated fire truck (more about that).


What are you doing?! What does he think he is going to find in there?

No worries folks, this truck is not currently running, so no harm can come to this silly little feline.

Hurricane Sandy Damaged Cars

With the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy almost upon us, we’ve been digging through the mountains of cars we were sad to receive. We have been looking for any data that could shed light on who and where were the hardest hit locations. We were also looking for any useful information that could help people protect themselves from the glut of flooded cars that have overwhelmed the used car industry. Unscrupulous dealers may try to pass these off as regular used cars.

The full guide to avoiding these cars is coming in a few days, so STAY TUNED for that, but we wanted to share a few of the images we discovered:

Beautiful sports car crushed by a falling tree


Another victim of falling trees




Condensation inside a car window is an important warning sign that a car has been flooded:



Another important warning sign is rust along the door frames:


Keep an eye out as well for sand on the seats:


It’s really sad to see these otherwise excellent cars destroyed like this. You can feel the heartache of the owners of these cars and you just wonder what else they suffered at the hands of this truly devastating storm.


Lightning Strikes The Kars For Kids Headquarters

Scary moment this morning in our office as a monster storm rolled in.

Watching the lightning out of the windows, we were fascinated by the power of the storm.

One enterprising employee set up a camera to film the lightning. He never expected to catch lightning striking our building.

Everyone is safe thankfully, but we all had quite a scare.

Minor damage to the wall, a few wires, and some of our servers.

More pictures are available on the Kars For Kids Facebook page, where you can make us feel better by giving us a LIKE!

Damage to the Kars For Kids office

Rescue workers inspect damage to the Kars For Kids office

Outside the Kars For Kids office

Wire above the Kars For Kids office

Damage to wire above Kars For Kids office

Emergency personel in the Kars For Kids parking lot

Kars for kids towers find lots of interesting things in cars

At Kars for kids, we have wonderful towers that pick up Kars for us all over the country. One of them shared an interesting story with us recently.

In operation since 1974, All Auto of San Francisco picks up cars within San Francisco and San Mateo counties. All Auto operates two tow trucks full time, but has a dedicated tow truck owner operator with 15 years of experience in handling car donations. All Auto has seen a lot of interesting stuff left behind in the cars it tows, for instance garage door openers. People leave them in their cars all the time.

kittens car

All Auto tries to reunite such items with their owners, but has accumulated an entire carton of garage door openers! But the most unusual item ever left behind in a car serviced by All Auto would be a litter of kittens! A litter of kittens! Their eyes still closed, found in a donated car picked up from an industrial yard.

The workers parceled out the kitties to be fed by eyedropper every hour or so. Robert at All Auto said, “I became Kitty Daddy. I was a wild kid. I figured this was payback.”

An ad was placed on Craig’s List to find homes for the kittens.

To learn more about Kars for kids, visit the Kars for kids page.

How do you spell Kars4Kids?

People always want to know; “How do you spell Kars4Kids?”

Is it Kars with a “K” with the word “for”?

Or maybe Kars with a “K” and the number 4.

Or maybe cars with a “C” and the number 4.

Or cars with a “C” with the word “for”.

Or any of those with or without a space between the words.

Kars4Kids, Kars 4 Kids, Kars for kids, Karsforkids, cars4kids, cars 4 kids, cars for kids, carsforkids… Arghh!

It can make your head spin.

We spell it “Kars4Kids”. But you can spell it however you like.

Or the way John Zuchelli @tvzuke did; in Latin :-)

Pizza For All


Our extracurricular program known affectionately as “ChillZone”, is quickly becoming one of our most popular and fastest growing programs. In fact, last week we opened our 28th location in Bensalem Pennsylvania!

Which brings us to an amazing story about pizza, mentoring and an incredible volunteer.

You see, all ChillZone locations have their own style, flair and feel. The kids and volunteers create the atmosphere that works best for them. But they all share three crucial ingredients; Studying, prizes, and most importantly, PIZZA. Piping hot delicious pizza.

But Bensalem PA had two kids the first week that wouldn’t eat the pizza. Two kids out of eight attending the very first week wouldn’t eat the pizza. Not wouldn’t, couldn’t. Two kids that are allergic to gluten.

Avi Schnall, national ChillZone director, describes what happened next. “The leader of the group, a volunteer mind you, was very concerned that these two boys might feel left out. He home baked a gluten free pizza special for the boys so they could feel part of the group!”

Now you understand why we feel that our volunteers are our most valuable assets. Don’t you agree?