“It’s All About the Kids!”

“So, what’s the deal? What do you have to do to get a backpack?” A curious man stares at the woman handing out backpacks at the Kars 4 Kids backpack giveaway in Staten Island on Thursday.

The woman responds with a chuckle, “Nothing. It’s all about the kids!”

Kars4Kids mini-car

Over 250 participants came to the Children’s Aid Society’s Goodhue Center for backpacks, collared shirts, and uniform pants. Some parents in need walked over with their children from surrounding neighborhoods. In fact, one such mom walked from 45 minutes away, bringing her two teenagers with her to claim their backpacks.

Kars 4 Kids understands the financial burdens on families, especially during back to school time. In previous years, backpack and coat giveaways in areas such as Newark and the Bronx addressed the needs of underserved children.

happy backpack recipients

At the event, a timid Caprice picked out a blue backpack. She smiled shyly when I asked her if she is excited for school to start. Her friends wore freshly chosen teal and peach colored backpacks.

While the kids were singing to the music and picking out their back to school gear, moms and dads were expressing their gratitude.

Jade, whose son is attending PS 59, says that this backpack is one less expense to help her with back to school costs. “Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!”

clothes giveaway

Tracey Windley agrees that it will help him with back to school costs, but adds that he intends to use the backpack giveaway as a lesson to his sons. Windly works for the Distinguished Gentleman Group, a non-profit organization that does fundraising and provides mentors for Staten Island youth. He understands the need for charity and volunteering, expressing the hope that his sons will be on the giving end some day.

One eager participant, holding up her child’s new backpack, summed it up: “Thank you, thank you, Kars 4 Kids! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Volleyball Nets Giveaway

Sure you may love a game of pickup volleyball. But did you know that playing volleyball actually changes your brain, improving important synapses which are so important in your everyday life? Volleyball engenders communication, learning to make quick decisions, and learning to trust your teammates, all crucial parts of a child’s development and ultimate success (https://www.quora.com/What-does-playing-volleyball-teach-you).  As Amanda Maya, former volleyball player puts it: “Volleyball taught me that the amount of experience you have is meaningless if you don’t put forth your best effort at all times.” (https://www.theodysseyonline.com/what-volleyball-taught-life)

Good volleyball nets can get expensive, but the good news is that Kars4Kids is now offering them free to youth camps, to give more children the opportunity to get all the benefits this sport offers. These nets are professional grade nets, selling for $220 on Amazon.  This distribution will allow children, who would otherwise never have experienced the joys of volleyball, never had a chance to become the next Matt Anderson or Sheilla Castro, to have that chance and to strive for that goal. Never again will they say I can’t, for Kars4kids gives them the strength and hope for a better future.

But even if you don’t think your child will be the next Kerri Walsh Jennings, she can still have a blast playing volleyball!  So come one come all, get your volleyball, at http://www.kars4kidsgives.org/form-volleyball.php. These will go fast, so make sure to get in quick.




The Olympics at Kars4Kids

Rio is alive with the sounds of cheering, the crowds yelling. It’s also alive with the crushing disappointment of the thousands who aren’t winners. Because at the Olympics, it doesn’t matter how fast or how agile you are. Only one thing matters: if you’re a winner.


Well, let me take you on a journey up the New York State Thruway, and through the back-roads and rolling hills of the Catskill mountains, to a very different location. With one campus in the town of Gilboa and another a short drive away in Stamford, the Kars4Kids-sponsored summer camp, TheZone, provides girls and boys with a chance to shine.

With activities ranging from swimming and fishing to basketball and horseback riding, sports at TheZone is a large and important part of the day’s schedule. While there is an element of competition and winners matter, at the Kars4Kids summer camp, the most important part of the game is the effort put in.

In The Zone, we especially focus on bringing all the children together, so that even a child who may not have his or her talents appreciated during the school year finds themselves valued during camp. The words of our campers speak volumes: “In TheZone, no one’s left out, we’re one whole team, everyone really wants everyone to succeed and do well.” This spirit of unity and helpfulness is life-changing for the children, giving them the skills and courage to navigate their future lives as adults.


But it’s the one-on-one mentorships cultivated at TheZone that really set the camp apart. Every staff member in camp doubles as a mentor for a handpicked camper. Every day’s schedule includes dedicated “mentor time” to give these relationships a chance to cement over the month together. Whether bonding over a book, a game or just a chat, mentor-mentee pairs dot the campus, savoring their time together.

With world-class scenery, landscape, amenities, and programs, TheZone ensures that the kids return for the school year reinvigorated, and ready to conquer the world (or their challenges). To quote one of our campers: “When I go home, I’m gonna thank my parents big, real big, because they sent me to the best camp ever – TheZone.”

“This camp is just beautiful. And you’ll enjoy it here – trust me”

A Mother’s Day Dream Come True

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and Kars4Kids raffled off  2 Yankee tickets before the special weekend. All those that commented on this Facebook post were entered into the raffle.


mothers day 2016 2 tix


The lucky winner was Thomas Finnigan! His comment about his mother Rosa demonstrates the essence of what a mother truly is:



Rosa’s reaction to winning Yankee tickets was priceless.  She couldn’t believe it at first…


It’s for real…



VIP seats for a Very Important Person in Thomas’ life….

thomas 02


thomas 03

A perfect dreamy way to spend Mother’s Day (except for the 5-1 loss to the Redsox).

Either way, Thomas and his mother Rosa are #winners where it really counts🙂

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Kars for Kids Garage (Vintage)…

With cars coming in from all over the country, we post the most unique cars in our lot.
enjoy perusing through some vintage collectibles and some wacky finds. From 1940’s Fire Trucks to Dunkin Donuts mobile.. Enjoy

                                                   K4K Garage.. “Vintage” donations! Capture.PNG

With cars coming in from all over the country, we post the most unique cars in our lot. enjoy perusing through some vintage collectibles and some wacky finds. From 1940’s Fire Trucks to Dunkin Donuts mobile.. Enjoy

The Next President For Your Kid?

Democrat, Republican, short or tall. Just pick one you can’t pick all. Sanders or Cruz, who would you choose. Hillary’s email or Trumps short fuse. Rubio rules a state, but would you pick him for america’s fate?

Clinton Sanders

Trump Cruz



Democrat, Republican, short or tall. Just pick one you can’t pick all. Sanders or Cruz, who would you choose. Hillary’s email or Trumps short fuse. Rubio rules a state, but would you pick him for america’s fate?

Who will benefit our children as President??
                                                                Kars4Kids Presidential Poll…

New Year’s 2016: Looking Forward, Looking Back

by Rina Gestetner

Since fewer than 1 in 10 of us are expected to achieve our New Year’s resolution, I propose that we start a new trend instead: New Year’s introspection. Remembering why we’re doing what we’re doing, in the hope for rejuvenation and a fresh new year. A promise of thoughts and only that.

Looking back at the past year as an employee at a nonprofit can go in two directions: we can look at the work we’ve done as tasks that were crossed off our list, or we can look at that same work as accomplishments that are changing lives. Every day brought with it frustration, every week yielded impossible deadlines, and every month had late nights at work. But a year passed means thousands of kids attending school, spending their summers in a positive atmosphere, receiving guidance from their mentors, and shaping into our future success stories.

This year, I’m spending New Year’s putting this all in perspective so that next week, when I want to just go home and crawl under my covers, maybe it’ll cross my mind that Kars4Kids is headed somewhere- and we’re headed there fast. new years