Kars4Kids releases new jingle remix

Kars4Kids announced today the release of their new jingle remix after a few months of polling listeners on their special song page. The final results reveal a strong preference for the new remix which took the voting by an overwhelming landslide, current results standing at 66% to 33%. The jingle will be rolling out tomorrow October 6th in a limited initial release to a few select stations. As part of this initial rollout Kars4Kids will be specifically targeting stations that serve a variety of demographics to measure the response to the ad in all ages and genders.The first station that will be included in this exclusive buy are:

  • WFAN Sports Radio 66 am The world’s first 24 – hour all-sports station, WFAN has been around for over 20 years and is the flagship station for the Mets, the Giants, the Devils and the the Nets.
  • WABC 770 am was founded in the 1920’s! Originally a music station, WABC is now the most listened to talk station in the country.
  • 923 NOW fm  is a radio station in New York City that broadcasts a Contemporary Hit Radio format with a rhythmic lean.
Kars4Kids will be carefully monitoring the results of this ad and will determine when and if the new version will be released based on those results and listener feedback.
Listen to the new jingle right here or go to the Kars4Kids song page to vote on your favorite version.

The new song is performed by Johny Rosch and 9-year-old Ethan Davis, and is a remix of the classic song that first aired on a local New York station in 1999 and that propelled Kars4Kids from a small local charity to a large national organization.

21 thoughts on “Kars4Kids releases new jingle remix

  1. The worst radio spots ever. And incessant – how long can you people torture the radio listeners of America? I would rather burn my car and send it over a cliff rather than donate it to you. Thanks for turning a worthwhile charity into somethin that makes me cringe and turn the radio off whenever I hear it.

  2. The melody is actually very catchy. The cringe-meister is wrong. Don’t ruin it with superfluous nonsense! keep it honest.

  3. Well sure! The jingle is certainly memorable. if cringe worthy. And after all. isn’t that the point? Recently someone asked me where they could donate a vehicle and guess what charity popped into my head? 1-877-kars-4-kids!
    A good jingle doesn’t have to be “good” to be effective!
    But it is kinda cute!!

  4. i love the original….who is that cowboy singer …he is the best…i would buy an album by him in a second….sounds like tex ritter….

  5. seems like its being played way too much. miss just hearing the original as well. the “Country” sounding one is far the worse.

  6. The only thing this jingle inspires me to do is blow up my car. What an epic marketing fail. Worst radio commercial in history.

  7. Worst commercial EVER. The “child” voice I believe is not even that. I purposely would donate anything to another cause. Why I ask you ??? Obviously you have done demografics on Walmart shoppers who appreciate this stupidity.

  8. While I assume that this is a good charity, I hate the jingle–both the old and new version. They are horrible. Please remove them from the air.

  9. Hands down the worst jingle on the radio… This is coming from my 3 years old as well as myself. Every time the song comes on my daughter gets upset and says “I don’t like that song daddy!”. It didn’t bother me at first, but ever since the creepy guy started singing along I change the channel every time.

    How much of a donation to make a new commercial? Have the kids do something other than sing a song with the horrible jingle and leave the creepy adults out. I’m sure just about anyone @ Kars4kids can do a better job than the 3rd party person that thought of this song in the commercial.


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