New jingle gets stamp of approval from Imus

Yesterday on the Imus on the morning show, Don Imus, renowned New York radio personality, gave his opinion about the new Kars4Kids radio jingle. “Kars4Kids, they’ve changed it,” he said, “I actually kinda like it, rockin out!”

The new jingle is actually a rock version remix of the original, and was released to a few select stations after a long voting process on the Kars4Kids song page.

Imus has had his run-ins with the Kars4Kids jingle before. In November of 2010, Imus mistakenly left his mike on during a commercial break and was caught on air telling the singer to “shut up” and “go to hell”. All you have to do is Google “kars for kids Imus” to get a clear picture of the controversy this created. He immediately apologized and Kars4Kids forgave him, however one can’t help but wonder if Imus is not the happiest person out there about the new song.

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