Ten things more annoying than the Kars4Kids song

Fingers in ears

Here at Kars4Kids we are not deaf to the fact that, while there are many fans of our radio song, there is also a substantial number of people out there to whom it is worse than nails on a chalkboard.  For those of you whose skin curdles and whose hair falls out in clumps at the first note of our song, we present this definitive list of ten things more annoying than the Kars4Kids song:

  1. Dial up internet
  2. Root canals
  3. Colonoscopies
  4. Hearing the Kars 4 Kids ad, switching the station, and hearing it again
  5. A test of the emergency broadcast system
  6. Cleveland Baltimore*
  7. Your wife’s friends husband
  8. The elevator gets stuck in between floors, and the Kars4Kids ad is playing
  9. Rebecca Black
  10. The fax machine noise

* Post will be continuously amended as residents complain 🙂

Feel free to add your own in the comments.


  1. Snoring or paper rustling when you are trying to sleep for sure tops it all (and on that note, the alarm clock is not much better!)!

  2. Talk about annoying, the guy sitting behind me at work. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The kars for kids jingle is nothing compared to this guy.I would rather listen to this jingle loop all day long than hear his popcorn crunching mouthful talking…whoops here he comes ………

  3. The Kars4Kids jingle definitely takes the cake. Other things that come close include any Air Supply song, rubberneckers (I’d like to force them into an elevator with someone who hasn’t showered since St. Swithens Day while listening to a continuous loop of the Kars4Kids jingle) and parents who are ruled by their children.
    Perhaps topping the Kars4Kids jingle are people who cannot spell definitely, people who use your/you’re, their/there/they’re, its/it’s incorrectly.

  4. Well it’s pretty obvious that since you are making fun of yourself that you have NO intention of changing your jingle which is just a failure to everyone associate with or “benefitting” from K4K. As I said before, I would rather blow up my own vehicle than allow it to finance another one of these horrible commercials. The remix is laughable and does not change anyone’s contempt for this obnoxious, psychosomatic tone deaf rendition equivalent of a Björk and Yoko Ono duet with cats in the background being skinned.

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  6. There is absolutely nothing worse than this song….I turn it off every time I hear it….it actually would encourage me NOT to EVER DONATE ANYTHING TO YOU.

  7. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORSE THAN THIS SONG. Jack FM plays it 7000 times a day and I now listen to a different radio station just because of this commercial!.

  8. I thought The “Baby Shark Song” May have bumped you out of first place for most annoying song ever, however having just watched the season premiere of “The Good Place” (Sept 2019) we learn that the Kars4Kids tune is apparently the theme song for all the demons that run the “Bad Place”.
    This I believe makes the Kars4Kids song untouchable as the most annoying song ever, and for all time.

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