Pizza For All


Our extracurricular program known affectionately as “ChillZone”, is quickly becoming one of our most popular and fastest growing programs. In fact, last week we opened our 28th location in Bensalem Pennsylvania!

Which brings us to an amazing story about pizza, mentoring and an incredible volunteer.

You see, all ChillZone locations have their own style, flair and feel. The kids and volunteers create the atmosphere that works best for them. But they all share three crucial ingredients; Studying, prizes, and most importantly, PIZZA. Piping hot delicious pizza.

But Bensalem PA had two kids the first week that wouldn’t eat the pizza. Two kids out of eight attending the very first week wouldn’t eat the pizza. Not wouldn’t, couldn’t. Two kids that are allergic to gluten.

Avi Schnall, national ChillZone director, describes what happened next. “The leader of the group, a volunteer mind you, was very concerned that these two boys might feel left out. He home baked a gluten free pizza special for the boys so they could feel part of the group!”

Now you understand why we feel that our volunteers are our most valuable assets. Don’t you agree?

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