Some Thoughts About Donating a Car

A Customer Service Rep Shares Some Experiences

So many people that call me up at Kars4Kids to donate their vehicles aren’t just going through the motions of getting rid of and donating their cars. For many what goes through their minds is the good deed, tax deduction or vacation voucher. But for others and there are many like those, when they choose to donate their car, they frequently are very sentimentally attached to their car and are giving away something that is a part of themselves. Check out these two tweets.

Hard to donate a car Donating a car is hard

Taking good care of your car requires maintenance, foresight and devotion. It’s almost like a real relationship. You can kind of develop this emotional bond with your automobile. You take care of it; it in turn takes you where you need to go. Many people say with great pride, Ayy, that’s my ‘87 Oldsmobile. She’s served me very well all these years, taking me to work, funerals, sad occasions, family vacations and other nostalgic places. People have their traditional car maintenance reserved for over the weekend. They tinker and probe to make sure their car is in tip top shape. They wash it with care and then it sparkles in the sunlight.

There are all of these well known tips to making sure your car lives out its full lifetime.

• Read the user manual. They built it; they know best.

• Take it for oil changes periodically; although there are those that claim that today’s oil requires much less changing than previously. Oil today can extend from between 5-10k miles. Much different than what everyone says to get that 3k checkup. Oil has stronger properties these days. In any case, take good care of your car regardless.

• I’ve previously mentioned some of these tips in regard to saving on gasoline. Don’t gun the engine, let your car ease into the drive, try not to drive very fast and overuse the brakes.

• Check the filters, and fluids regularly along with getting your wheel rotations and other tips as well.

It’s interesting, but like I mentioned people actually develop a relationship with their mode of transportation.

Take a look at a tweet we discovered recently.

Kars for Kids cute image

I thought of 2 things here when I saw the tweet. There’s the same car with the same couple many years later. Now, I don’t know if this image was doctored or photoshopped in any way. My point is, cars need care – relationships need care. If your car is precious to you, you really can develop those sentimental feelings to it. People have a really hard time parting with their car.

Relationships whether with our friends, colleagues and especially those most near and dear to us; ourselves, spouses, parents, siblings and children need lots of oil changes, maintenance, reading the user guide well, care and devotion. I recently read an article on the 4 personalities necessary for building a business from Lolly Daskal. A business needs vision and accountability from its leader. It requires the one who actually makes sure things get done. It receives constructive critique from someone she calls the devil’s advocate and most importantly has an advocate, a mentor, someone who serves as an objective resource to help you thrive and grow; someone who will be there for you in the good times and in those rough moments. To be successful and to ensure things last,those are the relationships we need; whether it be a car, a business, your colleague, boss, or most importantly your children, your spouse and yourself.

So go ahead, take care of your car, get its full value before calling me at Kars4Kids or your local dealer; but more importantly, take care of yourself and those closest to you.

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