The Next President For Your Kid?

Clinton Sanders

Trump Cruz



Democrat, Republican, short or tall. Just pick one you can’t pick all. Sanders or Cruz, who would you choose. Hillary’s email or Trumps short fuse. Rubio rules a state, but would you pick him for america’s fate?

Who will benefit our children as President??
                                                                Kars4Kids Presidential Poll…

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  1. Paul Aversano says:

    Kars4Kids is a complete scam!!! I donated my 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL last May. I never received any paperwork from them. Now, I’m completing my taxes for 2015. I called K4K to find out about the deduction paperwork. The first person was nice and told me he’d be emailing me a statement for $3,500 to complete my taxes. While I found this to be very low (I received a net of $6,000 for a trade-in), I accepted that it was for charity. He assured me I’d receive my receipt within a half an hour. Two hours later, after not receiving the receipt, I called back. This time, the person said he’d give me a receipt for $500!!!! I didn’t need anything from K4K for $500 since IRS will accept that figure without any documentation! When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold and was then disconnected by K4K after holding for a long time. When I called back, I was given a different song and dance from a third person. This time, I was told there were no supervisors, but one would call me back…yeah sure. It’s a total disappointment to know that people who are supposed to be helping kids are a bunch of scammers. I would never ever donate anything to them again and encourage other people to find an honest charity to give to. Surely, I’m not the only person who has gotten scammed by them. Paul Aversano

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