Brad Gordesky, Real Estate Development Kars4Kids

Getting to Know You: Brad Gordesky

Kars4Kids: What is your full work title?

Brad Gordesky: Real Estate Development

Kars4Kids: When did you begin working at Kars4Kids and why?

Brad Gordesky: I began working at Kars4Kids in October 2015. I came to Kars4Kids with the simple thought that my past experience could be of use within the organization. I was not sure in what capacity, but the various people I spoke to said they would come up with a position based on my experience. I started out in Operations and moved a year later to Real Estate. I use my past experience on a daily basis to help Kars4Kids be as successful as possible so our mission can be reached no matter how high our goals might be.

Kars4Kids: How has Kars4Kids changed since you joined the team?

Brad Gordesky: Kars4Kids is always updating procedures to make the donation process simpler for the donor and ensure the staff has the training to accomplish these updates.

Kars4Kids: Describe a typical workday for you at Kars4Kids.

Brad Gordesky: I actually have no typical day. Since my responsibilities are in a few different areas I usually review what needs to be accomplished within the next day or so, and then prioritize so the more pressing items are handled first.

Kars4Kids: How do you balance work and home life?

Brad Gordesky: People who know me, understand that I always have my work with me. I am always thinking about how to solve a work issue or move a donation forward. Luckily my wife understands me better than anyone. She puts up with me running solutions by her and has good insight that really helps. Of course I do the same for her. A very nice balance.

Kars4Kids: What’s the first thing you do when you come home from work?

Brad Gordesky: Greet my wife and trade updates on our day.

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