A Donation From One Great Nonprofit to Another




How often is one nonprofit able to help another nonprofit organization?

Don Thompson, director of operations at Commissionaires Hamilton, a not for profit security company based in Ontario, Canada, was looking to say farewell to Betsy, the last member of a fleet of vehicles that had served the organization faithfully for nearly a decade.

“As our vehicle had reached the end of its usable lifespan, we wanted to dispose of it in a manner that would be earth friendly and positive,” said Don.  “We are constantly looking for opportunities to provide the same type of support to communities that we have engaged in for over 80 years. “

How did he choose Kars4Kids?

“I became a victim of your radio jingle,” he admitted.  “Once I heard it and did some research, it became the obvious choice.”

The actual donation process, he said, was smooth. “The vehicle pick up portion was seamless and very proactive.  The driver was going to be late and called ahead and notified me, which I appreciated.  As I wasn’t going to be present for the pickup, he took a photo of the paperwork and emailed it to me, which was very helpful.”

He added that when and if the Commissionaires has other vehicles to donate, he would choose Kars4Kids again.

“I would absolutely choose you, not only for the worthy cause that you represent, but also for the professional and timely follow up to our initial inquiry.  The fact that we are a not for profit, (negating the benefit of a tax receipt) allows us to align ourselves with a like-minded organization, with a people-first focus.”

“Our social mandate allows former veterans (like myself) to closely identify with the struggles that former service members may have transitioning to the civilian work force, and to bring a level of understanding and compassion that a civilian for profit organization may not possess,” he explained.

Commissionaires Hamilton was formed in 1937, as a member of a national federation which now contains 15 similar but autonomous organizations.   Each organization has a social mandate to employ former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) by providing various forms of security and bylaw services to all three level of government, and to the private sector as well.  It is unique in the security marketplace, as the only not for profit security provider.  This presents challenges and opportunities, which allows it to ensure the best possible conditions for its Commissionaires, and insight into client situations that other companies do not have.


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