Kars4Kids is a 501(C)3 charity that picks up car donations across the United States.


That’s why we invest so much in building our kids, both in mind and spirit, to give them the foundation they need to develop into productive members of their communities.

Your car donation will benefit Kars4Kids, sometimes referred to as Kars for Kids. Kars4Kids is a 501(c)(3), a national organization dedicated to addressing the educational, material, emotional and spiritual needs of Jewish children and their families.

You can donate a car here:

1805 Swarthmore
Lakewood, NJ 08701

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  1. Our little girl suffers over 100 UNCONTROLLED SEIZURES a day. She has been diagnosed with a rare genetic brain disorder that leaves her with Severe Epilepsy, Cerebral alsy, mental retardation, delayed developmental disorder. She can not walk without assistance & is confined most of her life to a wheelchair. She has trouble communicating because she is so delayed. We have been working w Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA for the past 5years. They have recently told us that she needs to be sent to a new Dravet Syndrome Clinic at the Miami Childrens Brain Institute in Florida. Her insurance is not covering the trip. THis means all expenses travel, lodging, parking food medical bills & any other expenses we have to find a way to pay for ourselves. I am writing you to tell you this because we have a car it is 22 years old & on its last leg. We can not safely transport Antania not to mention it does not accommodate her wheelchair. This means someone has to stay home with her at all times because we can’t take her with us anywhere without having to carry her. She can not safely be put in a food cart at the store because she has drop attack seizures & falls forward & could hit her face or bump her head. Can you please help us to find someone willing to donate either a wheelchair accessable vehicle or a minivan or suv that we can put the chair in the back & Antania can ride safely in her seat. We have contacted so many people can you please help us? Mitchell-Hawkins Family, Pgh., PA

  2. My 28 yr old daughter is in desparate need of transportation. She is a single mother of two children; ages 6 and 2. She is currently living with her father, who is mentally physically, verbally abusive, and a drug addict. Hence why we’re divorced after 24 years. He told police he was going to put a bullet in my head, and nothing was done, even after restraining orders on him. Since she’s lived there he’s gone to jail for domestic violence and always gets right out.
    The car she had has now stopped running, and she lost her job when her youngest child became very ill and was in the hospital. She does receive food stamps currently, but that is it. She is in a very bad situation. She is in Florida, and I am in Ohio. I left due to circumstances that happened and death threats hoping to survive. I am on disability but try to send her a few dollars here and there for diapers and things when I can. Her father has threatened to throw her out on the street.She went to a womens shelter only to be told he’s not your spouse, we can’t
    take you.
    Now she is facing major health issues of her own, and will be having major surgery on Oct. 24. She has no way or no one to turn to for help. She needs a car to be able to help herself out of this nightmare. Her children don’t deserve to live in this environment either. She’s educated, willing, and hates this life. It’s just snowballed in on her. She walks to her son’s bus stop, which is a 40 minute walk with her baby. But she has no way to go to interviews to even think about a job. She used to be so happy, enegetic, and on the go. I hear the depression in her voice and try to support her all I can. Somehow she needs to catch just one break, so she can rise above all of this. If you know somehow she can have a car donated to her, we would all be eternally grateful. It would finally give life back to three very important people in my life. She could take it from there. She’s always been a strong girl, and all that matters to her is helping her 2 children.
    Thank You,
    Trish Neeson

  3. I lost my job and my car due two me having surgery done on my legs. I walk with crutchs and have been out off work for about 5 months. I have two call other people for rides if we need two go some where and a lot of times cant get a ride. I have alway worked for everything i needed but now i can’t and it hurts me two think why did this happend two me. So if you could help me out i would be very thankful

  4. Don’t believe it !!! I donated a minivan worth about ? $1500 with $500 worth of new parts.
    These theives had various towing companys vying as to who was going to pick it up. They called back offering a $500 tax write-off vaucher I never got after multiple attempts !!! Who knows what this outfit really does with your donations ? My best advice is to avoid this Mickey Mouse operation 👎😠

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